Bipolar disorder research:

Together we can make a difference 

Learn more about taking part in our bipolar disorder research

An interview with a researcher

One of our trained researchers will come to see you at home or you can attend our clinic in Cardiff. The researcher will go through some questions about you and your experiences. Everything you tell us will be confidential, and if there are any questions you'd prefer not to answer just let us know.

Giving a biological sample

As part of our study, we're also looking into the genetic factors that may influence mental health difficulties - if you are happy to provide a blood or saliva sample, we would be very grateful. 

You can either do this during the interview, or we can arrange to collect the sample another time, convenient to you.

:Together we can make a difference

Our researcher will leave some questionnaires for your to complete and return in your own time. We may also send you additional follow-up questionnaires in the future.

Completing and returning some questionnaires