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Klonopin Leads to the Growth of Delirium Chance among Older People

The society became shocked with an unexpected action of a popular medicine titled Klonopin. The recent French studies have proven that patients under the treatment by this cure are at a higher group of risk to receive dementia disorders if compared with those who avoid using it.

The patients who claimed to be 65 and older went through a series of tests. The main peculiarity was that all of them were passing a special treatment by Klonopin (Clonazepam). It was stated that such category of patients has got a risk of acquiring dementia for a period that is, roughly speaking, 15 years only.

Klonopin is frequently prescribed to elderly people who are suffering from problems with sleep and who have got a greater degree of anxiety. The period of treatment lasts for about several weeks to 2-3 weeks maximum. Unfortunately, that is enough for the formation of habit and older people prefer staying on the pill for several years as it seems easier for them to deal with everyday issues.

The Study of Elderly Group of People

The latest studies were recently published by a British Medical Journal. The investigation took 95 candidates who were prescribed Klonopin (Clonazepam) and 968 participants who managed to deal with anxiety by themselves.

The experiment lasted for 15 years! The scientists detected a total of 253 dementia cases in both groups. The case of memory loss and dementia symptoms was observed in 4.8% people out of 100 of those who consumed Klonopin and 3.2% people in 100 in group of non-consumers.

It means that people who are dependent on Klonopin and other similar substances have got a slightly greater chance of developing dementia at an old age.

Besides the influence of the medication the researchers have also pinpointed additional factors which also play a great role in the formation of dementia. The following parameters were considered decisive: gender, age, diabetes presence. All the factors being powered up with benzodiazepines lead to the formation of an illness.

The widespread use of similar antidepressants should be cautioned and people need to be informed about a variety of effects that might be caused.

The next study of the drug influence will deal with the influence of anxiety and sleep disorders on the growth of dementia risk. It is still to be held and the results will make the picture clearer about the interconnection of both medicaments and emotional states onto the dementia origin among older people.

There Is Still Something Positive about Klonopin (Clonazepam)

Klonopin is still considered one of the most effective means of curing acute anxiety with psychotic attacks. It is still quite a popular remedy for transient insomnia. Unfortunately, the recent researches have shown that it would be really hard to avoid the side symptoms with a person growing older.

The growth of delirium outbreaks which may lead to falls and forward fractures are really threat posing. Benzodiazepines which are the active substances of Klonopin are said to have a strong accumulative effect in the body of the consumer.

Due to the metabolism of older people is slower; the chronic usage of this drug contributes the chance of dementia development. That is why the consumption of such medication has become a question of public concern.

The final results of the investigations didn’t prohibit the medicament, but they made it clear that adverse effect of benzodiazepines is present. Older people should lower the level of the medication to reduce the risk of delirium and clean their body faster from it.

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