What's your story?

Our goal was to find creative ways for people to express their relationship with rare genetic conditions from different perspectives.

We came up with two fun and interesting ways to tell your story.

  • Writing - using our build-a-poem technique
  • Drawing - share your story by putting pens or pencils to paper

Your rare stories

Your Rare Stories is an activity which explores the diverse experiences of having, living, or working with rare genetic conditions.

Our goal was to channel your voices and stories to the wider community so that people can learn about rare genetic conditions from your experiences.

We did this through writing stories in the form of short poems, known as Cinquain poemsThese are five-line poems that can be used to tell a story about just about anything, as you’ll


Have a go

Submissions for our Share Your Rare project are now closed.

Your rare drawings

This activity is very simple. Express yourselves on paper!

We will provide you with topics; you just have to provide the materials.

Whether it's on paper or you'd like to create something on an iPad or computer, we'd like to see your interpretation of:

  • Rare genetic conditions
  • COVID-19 and lockdown

Have a go

  • Submissions for the Share Your Rare project are now closed but if you'd like to try the exercise read more here

Get in touch

To contact the Share Your Rare team, email creativecomplexity@cardiff.ac.uk

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The Share Your Rare project is funded by the Welcome Trust.