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Ahnaf’s story

Ahnaf is a football-loving family man who works in legal governance in Central London. This is his story:

I found out about the NCMH through Bipolar UK, an organisation I stay in touch with after receiving a diagnosis of Bipolar in 2018 after falling ill and needing hospital treatment.

I think that taking part in research is fundamental to understanding more mental health, and in particular listening to people with experiences of mental ill-health.

It’s important that people don’t feel alone in their experiences of mental ill-health, and part of this comes from allowing those around us to understand our needs.

I have tough days, but I count them as lessons, and the good days; they are blessings.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, going to my local Mosque, and spending quality time with my wife and friends. I also organise football matches for the local youth in my area.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself about yourself that not many people know about

I can fold my eyelids… creepy, I know!


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