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We are working to understand more about the biological and environmental causes of mental illness and to improve the way that mental health conditions are diagnosed and treated. We believe that this research will make a positive difference to people’s lives in the future.

The support of those working on the ground is vital to our research – that’s why we work closely with clinicians and health professionals at all levels across Wales and England.

As a health professional, you can help us to recruit the patient-volunteers we need to help us better understand the complexities of mental illness.

How you can help us

There are many ways that medical professionals can help us with our research:

  • By allowing our trained researchers to recruit from your clinic
  • Telling patients about us
  • Displaying our leaflets
  • Writing to your patients, offering them the opportunity to take part.

If you would like to work with us, contact a member of the NCMH team on 02920 688401.

What we can do for you

There are a variety of resources available for use by health professionals, including a range of leaflets on mental health conditions and online resources for recognising the signs of a mental health disorder.

We can also provide you with a Medication Handy Chart which can be used as a quick reference guide for clinicians when discussing mental health medication with patients.

The chart contains information on hundreds of common mental health medications, including their use, effects and side effects. Information is impartial and has been written and checked by expert pharmacists.

You can order leaflets online, and to request a medication handy chart please email

Take part now to make a difference

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+44 (0)29 2068 8401
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