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Andree’s story

Born and bred in Cardiff, Andree is a foodie with a background in hospitality, and she’s working to combine the two to become a Holistic Food Teacher. She’s also an NCMH Research Champion, helping to spread the word about our research. This is her story:

My first experience of mental health problems was as a teenager. I went to the doctor and he asked what was wrong, I said I was stressed because of my exams.

I have suffered many breakdowns but my biggest breakthrough was when I was 40. I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) by a psychiatrist as my patterns of behaviour were affecting my life and this wasn’t right for a person of my age.

I recently heard of NCMH through a close friend of mine. I agreed to take part in the full assessment and visited the Centre for an interview with one of the psychology assistants.

She was very nice and made me feel very welcome and approachable. I felt very at ease with having the blood taken. It was quick and didn’t hurt at all.

I would recommend that anyone that knows someone with a mental health issue to find out about NCMH.

It’s great to know that being part of this research could have a dramatic effect on people’s lives in the future.

I want to help others with mental health problems and I’m keen to show that you can live with your condition. It doesn’t define you but it sure can make you stronger. I want to be that person and, by being a champion for NCMH, I hope I can assist others in their journey. 

I’ve always tried to live a full life and in 1997 I traveled to nine cities in five weeks while in Canada. It was a Greyhound internal flight and youth hostel package.

I’m excited to be going back, if doing it a little differently, with a campervan and luxury touches. I would recommend anyone to go there, as there’s lots of Welsh people living throughout Canada. It’s a fantastic way of life and they know how to deal with snow unlike us!

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