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Bipolar Education Programme Cymru (BEPC) taster sessions

We partnered with Bipolar UK to offer an insight into our 11-week Bipolar Education Programme Cymru (BEPC) course.

Through these online sessions, mental health researchers and professionals, and people with lived experience of bipolar offer a taster of the BEPC course and answer questions sent in by our attendees.

These sessions were offered free of charge and we just ask that if you can donate, please consider supporting Bipolar UK, a charity supporting people with bipolar disorder.

In the downloads section, you will find NCMH leaflets about Bipolar Disorder and some resources mentioned in the sessions.

Upcoming webinars: visit our Eventbrite page to see what we have coming up.

Session one

Session One: What is bipolar?

  • What causes bipolar?
  • Myths and misconceptions
  • Impact of COVID-19 crisis and lockdown – practical tips
  • Benefits of self-management – interview with BEPC participants
  • Q&A

Session two

Session Two: approaches to bipolar

  • Medication approaches
  • Psychological approaches
  • Lifestyle approaches
  • Q&A

Session three

Session Three: Self-management

  • Identifying triggers
  • Early warning signs
  • Mood monitoring
  • Q&A

Session four

Session four: Family and friends

  • How bipolar disorder can present
  • Treatment options and effective ways of management
  • The impact bipolar can have on other people
  • How to manage crisis situations
  • Stories of people’s experiences
  • Q&A


Session five

Session five: Women, pregnancy and childbirth

  • Professor Ian Jones discusses the latest research on medication and treatment
  • Bipolar UK Ambassador Clare Dolman who lives with bipolar disorder shares her experience of pregnancy and offers some tips for staying well

Other resources


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