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Chief Executive for NHS Wales supports NCMH Research

NCMH Director, Professor Nick Craddock met with David Sissling, Chief Executive of NHS Wales, to talk about National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH), its research and how it can best work with the NHS in Wales.

The NCMH is aiming to recruit 6000 people in Wales, who have experienced a mental health problem, to take part in research by joining the Wales Mental Health Network (WMHN). To help do this NCMH is working with NHS services and professionals throughout Wales, and asking them to talk to their patients about opportunities for being involved in its mental health research.

Professor Nick Craddock says: “To have David’s support is fantastic as the relationship between NHS services and research is vital. Patients who are willing and able to give their time to take part in mental health research are invaluable, as it’s only with their contribution and help that we can better understand the causes and triggers of mental illness. In turn the new knowledge we gain from research can help improve the diagnosis, treatment and support provided by mental health services in the future.

So far over 800 people have joined the WMHN, but we need more people to help us. NHS services and professionals play a key role in achieving this.”

The NCMH wants to work with partners throughout Wales to encourage and support people to take part in its research. If you’re a patient, carer, health professional or member of a related voluntary organisation, and have ideas about how we can reach more people who would be interested in participating in research, or if you would like to volunteer to take part, please contact us on 029 2068 8401 or email

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