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A woman on a mission

Bridgend mum of three Zoe took part in NCMH research with her son Dylan back in 2012.

Since then Zoe has set up a charity to provide support and advice to parents and families living with ADHD as well as a training and consultancy business aimed at public and third sector organisations.

She’s also been on a mission to get more people involved in research.

So far Zoe has referred more than 15 people to take part in NCMH research, and there should be more to follow in the future.

“All new families contacting us are given all the information on the amazing work that NCMH is doing and what it has already achieved. I strongly believe that this work will help change the common misconception of ADHD being an excuse for bad behaviour, rather than the complex condition that it is.”

Professor Ian Jones said: “We are all extremely grateful to Zoe for the fantastic contribution she’s made. She’s gone above and beyond our expectations and is truly a research champion.”

“I’d urge anyone who wants to make a difference for those with mental health problems to get involved in our research, even if they’ve never experienced it themselves. Their information allows us to make important comparisons, so it’s extremely helpful in learning more about the causes of these conditions.”

Learn more about Zoe and our other research champions

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