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EASPD study: more inclusive labour markets will bring economic and social return

A report co-written by Dr Stephen Beyer, the Honorary Lead for Learning Disability Employment at NCMH, has evaluated the existing methods for inclusive employment and investigated the financial costs and benefits of a transition to a more inclusive labour market model.

The European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) commissioned study suggests that despite a variability in models and methods of inclusive employment, it is beneficial to both governments and taxpayers, as well as the disabled individual. It can also be more beneficial to employers by improving productivity and staff engagement, and delivering cost savings through lower staff turnover and subsequent savings on recruitment costs.

“Disabled people, government and taxpayers are all likely to benefit financially in the long-term from greater investment in employment in the open labour market for persons with disabilities” said Dr Beyer. “Existing methods focus on vocational activity, rehabilitation and employment which delivers work, wages and activity to some, but in general, has not delivered jobs for the open labour market.”

Dr Beyer presented the reports findings at the European Commission, and it will contribute to EASPD’s goal of encouraging member states to commit to actions on inclusive employment for disabled people. In addition, Dr Beyer presented to Welsh Government’s Disability Equality Forum, discussing the barriers to accessing Access to Work funding in Wales.

Read the full report: The economic impact of inclusion in the open labour market for persons with disabilities [PDF]

Dr Stephen Beyer

Dr Stephen Beyer is the Senior Lecturer in Centre for Medical Education and Hon. Lead for Learning Disability Employment for NCMH.

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